Year End Review for 2016/2017

It’s hard to believe that the school year is coming to an end. The HSA would like to wish your families a safe, relaxing and happy Summer season!

So much has happened since the mid year! Because of your support of our programs, we were able to accomplish great things! Here is a recap…

Race For Education – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to ALL of our families, friends, sponsors and donors. A great big thanks as well to the Race Committee and to all the volunteers who helped make this year’s Race run so smoothly. The children were so excited after the race as the prize winners were announced in the classrooms.

It was such a fun day for all and your support was exceptional! Over the years, we have been challenged with ways to continue to make this event fun and exciting. At the start of the planning, the committee decided to create a website for online donations, re-introduce student prizes and offer tiered level opportunities to earn prize chances. The result was an increase in profits to just over $29,000. The Race is the main source of our budget year after year. We have already started plans to put these funds to great use!!

Gaga Court – Thank you again to Melanie Propato, Danielle Robinson and all of the committee helpers. The Gaga Court is in, and the children have been enjoying it since the beginning of May. This area will provide fun for our students for years to come! Sincere appreciation for the donations of materials and time by Robinson Landscape LLC, Stephen Propato Landscape, C&C paving, H&K Group Inc., and Stone Depot.

Family Nights – The purpose in HSA family nights is to provide opportunities for social time after school hours. These nights are not fundraisers. We offer these nights as a means for families to get to know one another in a fun and friendly setting.

In February, we held our very first Family Dance!! Turnout was amazing!! Thank you Charlene Balbi for organizing such a wonderful night. The St. Patrick’s Day Skate Night was also very popular…a sell out event!! Pizza, snacks and glow bracelets, Kelly Sparks and committee made it all happen!

Later in the Spring, Tara Harvey with her team of helpers organized the Storks movie night . The children always love these nights. Tara has graciously offered to continue this again next year. A great big THANKS to Iron Pigs coordinator – Deb Biehl. She is leaving Seylar after many years of planning this ever-popular night in the Lehigh Valley. This year was no exception. The game was well attended and all had much fun!!

Homeroom Coordinators – You know who you are J Thank you for ensuring that our children are treated to parties and picnics throughout the year. Thank you too for your efforts with making our teachers feel appreciated. It’s been a great year!!

Penny Wars generated over $2,500. Children were so excited week after week as the classroom leaders changed, and they waited in suspense to see who would get to “pie the teachers”. They truly love this competition each year!! Thank you to our families for supporting this. Perk Night was overwhelmingly attended. This night organized by Michele Thrush and generated over $500. Thank you to Michele and to all the Seylar families for attending that night! The proceeds from these additional events help with maintaining a stable yearly budget.

I Run For Life – Thank You Shannon Lelli for organizing this event for our students. It is a great experience for them to learn about healthy lifestyles and incorporating exercise into their daily lives. This is such a positive experience!!

Yearbook – hopefully your families have ordered yours. Charlene Balbi is hard at work with her helper photographers to make this year’s yearbook the best one yet!

Boxtops – This program has raised over $1,500. We will continue this next year, so please, please keep clipping over the summer. The first collection of the year will offer a $100 gift card prize to the student who turns in the most boxtops. Thank you Tara Harvey and the entire committee for counting and bundling!!

Next year’s Board Members were appointed at the May meeting and are as follows:

Co-Presidents – Danielle Robinson and Jennifer Wagner

Co-Vice Presidents – Charlene Balbi and Terri Kolodziejski

Secretary – Kristin McLean

Treasurer – Melanie Propato

Survey Results – Thank you to all who responded to our survey. The results tell us the direction to you would like us to take going into next year. Here’s what you said:

1. Online Directory – 83% YES

2. Fundraising Events – Race For Education, Designer Bag Bingo, and Parent Night Out were some of the most popular.

3. Family Nights – Skate Night, Movie Night, Fall Hayride, Tinsel Town, Rebounderz Night

4. Replace Fundraising with Flat Fee of $75+ per student? – 63% NO

Thank you for your responses!! We will do our best to make 2017/2018 a great year! See you in August!


The HSA Board