The Seylar Elementary HSA is a volunteer organization made up of parents, teachers and our school principal.

Our Mission is to assist in creating a strong positive environment for our children that is filled with school spirit and pride. It’s a cooperative effort between administrators, teachers, staff and our Seylar families.


We provide financial assistance, new playground equipment, organize social events, hold assemblies, provide field trips for every student, host extracurricular educational programs and create a strong volunteer network. We have various fundraisers throughout the year, with the Race for Education being one of our largest. In between we hold several family nights as a way to meet and socialize with other Seylar families. We are a nonprofit organization relying solely on donations and Seylar family volunteers.

​All of the efforts of the HSA require the help of many hands. We welcome and encourage you to get involved in any way possible, as you are automatically a part of the HSA by just being a Seylar family. Whether on site at school, or from your home, there are many ways to volunteer. Our meetings are held on a scheduled basis, but the board members are available at any time to listen to your suggestions and ideas.

​On our website, you will find plentiful information about upcoming events, be able to access the school directory anywhere, make suggestions, and even more.


All HSA EVENTS will be posted as soon as we have more information. Thank you!

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