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Committees & Responsiblities

Contact the committee head listed below if you would like more information before signing up.

Charleston Wrap

Amanda Parker

School Fundraiser

Decorating Team

Emily Sieron and April Negley

This committee is in charge of brainstorming ideas and planning for the decoration of the school's main hallway (the Principal's discretion) and monthly bulletin board in advance of major holiday events (e.g., Halloween) and school events (e.g., Race for Education). All preliminary plans require approval by the HSA President(s) and double checked by the Principal before any decorating is started.

Family Events

Carolyn Sciarrino

This committee is in charge of coordinating nights for Seylar students to attend family-friendly events throughout the school year, such as the Fun Run, Movie Night, Skating, Iron Pigs, Winter Market, Art Show Social, etc. This committee is responsible for setting dates for events, selecting potential vendors/venues, coordinating with approved vendors/venues, and managing the events by being present at the venues. Approval by the HSA Board members is required before any agreement is reached with vendors/venues. Once you have approval and the date is secured, you will need to communicate the details to the advertising-marketing committee head to have a flyer made. All proposed content/material must be approved by the HSA president(s) and the principal prior to distribution. When the flyer is finished it will be emailed to you, HSA president(s) and the school secretary. The president(s) will create a BBC to communicate to our Seylar families. Hard copies of the flyers will need to be made for distribution.


This committee head/volunteer is responsible for creating all flyers for events and or fundraisers. All flyers must follow district guidelines and must have our Seylar HSA website and Facebook links shown. All proposed content/material must be approved by the HSA president(s) and the principal. All flyers must represent a diverse community.

Garden Club

Brunelle Tomsky

This committee will work with 4th and 5th grade students during their recess to plan, plant, maintain, and decorate (each session) the outdoor gardens, the garden area by the front entrance (Seylar sign), and the garden area by the car riders section. The activities can be combined into one day or split into 2 days according to grade level.

Lead Homeroom Coordinators

Carolyn Sciarrino / Mary Nogami

This committee consists of two or three committee heads. You are responsible for communicating directly with the school secretary to confirm a date for the HRC Meeting. The invitation letter will need to be updated and sent to the school secretary she will take care of it from there. The meeting is usually held at the end of September). You are responsible hosting the meeting and for providing each HRC with an updated copy (PDF or paper) of the current year’s HRC PACKET. Your main responsibility is to provide instruction to all the HRCs with what their roles and responsibilities are and to make sure they communicate with their respective teachers. You will be emailing reminders of upcoming events and will provide support to the HRC's throughout the year. All dates must be approved by the school secretary, confirmed with the HSA president(s) and a copy must be given to the secretary.

Newsletter/Communication Leads

Carolyn Sciarrino and Erika Knox

This committee works on the Seylar HSA Newsletter, posts on the HSA website, posts on the HSA Facebook page, creates the HSA BBC's and smore communications and organizes the Seylar Directory and webpage.

Ongoing Fundraisers: AmazonSmile, Box Tops, Mabel's Labels and Weis

Becky Ogden

Year-round fundraisers

Parent Advisory Representatives

This committee consists of 2-3 volunteers responsible for attending all Advisory Meetings, as representatives of M. M. Seylar Elementary School and reporting back to the HSA Board on all matters discussed/addressed at the Advisory Meetings.

Seylar Wear

Amy Hewes / Carolyn Sciarrino

This committee head (and/or team) is responsible for identifying potential vendor for School Spirit Wear. Approval by the HSA Board is necessary before any agreement is reached with vendors.


Carolyn Sciarrino and Mary Nogami -Advisors

This committee advisors are in charge of working directly with the in-school photographers to create our school’s yearbook, which is typically completed towards the end of the year/summer. The advisors also markets, coordinates sales and distribution of the yearbook.
PHOTOGRAPHERS: will work closely with the yearbook committee and will need to attend various school functions and events to capture still photographs to be included in the school’s yearbook. You must have your clearances on file with the district office in order to be an in-school photographer. Prior to each event you will need to check in at the front office to receive your badge. After each event, your pictures will need to be uploaded to the yearbook link. All other photographs need to be uploaded asap and or before the end of the school year.

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